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Having achieved straight A*s at GCSE’s, Martha (Elle) was continuing her A level studies at Girls High School, Wolverhampton, with the highest possible grades projected and University beckoning. In 2013 she went  to A&E with severe head pains, after losing one of her closest friends to a similar fate, only to be sent home with stress. She returned three days later whereupon she was eventually scanned and diagnosed as suffering from a recurring brain haemorrhage. 


Lots of concern, panic and sadly surgery followed, as did many “complicaions”. Elle’s family were asked to say their goodbyes on six ocassions as she was devastatingly given less than 1% of survival and registered as “Do not resuscitate”.  Today, Elle-Mae has defeated the odds and is alive albeit very badly damaged. She has battled back from the edge several times, fought her way out of both the critical and acute care units and ultimately out of the QE Birmingham. She then went  to the rehabilitation unit at the Children’s Trust in Tadworth, Surrey where she and “Super-mum” Leah “lived” for almost eigthteen months from August 2013. To repat, against all odds they eventually took their rightful place home just in time for Christmas 2014. The ball in May 2014 was a terrific help in that it raised a fantastic amount of money which went towards the adaptations required to make home a practical possibility. Elle-Mae continues to recieve the benefit of and shows positive signs whilst recieving other supplementary treatments daily  such as Physiotherapy, Reflexology, Raiki and Acupuncture.


Today, Elle continues to amaze those who know her with the determination she demonstrates and the improvements she makes daily. She has inspired and continues to inspire people she encounters with her strength and beautiful nature.

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